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Ninjared Studio


I’m a freelance artist, web designer and developer doing my part to save the world from overusing the Papyrus font.  Well, I do lots of other creative things too but that just needs to be stated up front.  Admit it.  You used it in a report on ancient Egypt years ago (a clever one, you) and now it’s on every menu, store front, brochure and the sides of landscaping trucks. Yeah. I took a picture of that last one.


This site is for you, not my modern typography grievances. There’s lot of fancy design terms that we’ll discuss about the different methods and processes that will bring it all together with the solutions that encompass customer experience, user experience, technology, and organizational direction.  But the fact is that nothing beats starting with a good ole’ antiquated conversation.


Last I checked there’s quite a few websites out there.  Yours deserves to be seen. Let’s get to work on that.  I focus on the individual needs of each client. My experience ranges over a wide variety of specialties and I am aware of the problems you might potentially face. Don’t ask me how.  I’d rather not talk about it.   I implement the solutions and follow through to the results.


Ready to create a platform and get the momentum going for your project?

Let’s talk. Preferably face to face over a great cup of coffee.
If that’s not possible let’s Skype or FaceTime.  Email me and let’s get started!

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Allow Myself to Introduce Myself

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"...whenever anyone asks us to accept a perfect solution, that should immediately alert us to the flaws in that presentation."


Some Fun Facts

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